Foo Fighters – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Apr 19, 2018 – Foo Fighters held a family reunion at Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion last night, one finish with long lost relatives eventually arriving for the party and a really touching moment between the rings frontman, Dave Grohl, and that the son he never knew he’d. The bands been around for almost a quarter century now. At one stage during last nights streak of two dozen songs, 9 ring members crowded the stage, prompting Grohl into muse, we’d come out member Slipknot before you realize it.

Together, they delivered a strikes heavy put with a smattering of the sturdiest tunes from last years Gold and Concrete. The opening song, Run, is from this record and was delivered promptly at 8: 15 p.m., right following a winning turn by tourmates, The Struts. The British glam rockers were received by the crowd. Their workmanlike put rounded out with two of the greatest hits, Put Your Money on Me Could Have Been Me. The audience was into it, but the greatest compliments for them came later in the day from Grohl, who said the ring had toured with Foo Fighters before and hed never found a fucking ring work so hard in my life.

Thats quite a compliment coming from an act which has elbow greased its way right into fans hearts. Their scenic mix of musical prowess, good character and sometimes self deprecating humour and rock n roll tropes make for a fun show. Weve been a ring for 24 fucking years! He noted when a majority applauded when asked who had been seeing Foo Fighters for the very first time. I get it, he said, imagining fans had bided their time whilst the ring stacked hit after hit right into its repertoire. We used to suck.

Now, were fucking badass. Nobody in the audience would disagree, whether that they were there to hear the oldies like That is a Call, or new things like The Sky is a Neighborhood, a trippy cut from Concrete and Gold this called for a trio of backup vocalists and should had Sir George Martin smiling down from that the heavens. By the 4th tune of that the set, The Pretender, both Grohl’s and drummer Taylor Hawkins long locks had been drenched in sweat. And, like Grohl reminded us often, the show was just getting started. Among that the best things about Foo Fighters is that they wear the hearts like tattoos and wristbands with regards to their influences. The ring did a medley of cover tunes that served as a way to present its members to so many newcomers. Guitarist Chris Shiflett tore Alice Coopers Under My Wheels and handled vocals, urging Grohl into utter, I know, you are thinking, Holy shit, that men too good to be in Foo Fighters.